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I am looking for a hotel near Ohashi Station, as I am going to take an entrance exam of Kyushu university.

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I am looking for a hotel near Ohashi Station, as I am going to take an entrance exam of Kyushu university.

Would you tell me a quiet hotel near the station.

  • Fukuoka
  • February
  • Entrance exam

Green Rich Hotel Nishitetsu Ohashi Ekimae

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Green Rich Hotel Nishitetsu Ohashi Ekimae


  • address
  • 1-7-15, Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka 815-0033, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • 7 min ride on Nishitetsu Electric Train from Tenjin / 1 min on foot, heading right from West Exit of Nishitetsu Ohashi station. You will come to a building with pachinko parlor ''Tamaya'' on the first floor. Our lobby is on the third floor of this building

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Only one choice

Hello. A recommended hotel is right beside Ohashi Station. There is almost no hotel in this is area and this is the only choice. Single rooms are relatively small but you can study without problems because there is a rectangular desk. However, please make a reservation as soon as possible because the exam season is busy.

It should be here if you select a hotel by location

Perhaps many people have already referred to this hotel, as it is so convenient for an entrance examination of Kyushu University.
It is close to Ohashi Station and Kyushu University, both within walking distance.
The price is not very cheap, but I think it is a standard price. The beds are fairly big and you can rest comfortably after finishing last minute study for the exam.

A business hotel near a station with great accessibility and value for money

There is not much hotels near Nishitetsu Ohashi Station, and this is just a minute walk away after getting off a Nishitetsu train.
Although the surrounding is comparatively cluttered, the hotel room is clean and has separated bathroom and toilet ◎.
You can sleep comfortably on a bed with a feather duvet, and breakfast is a small buffet. I can recommend for a stay for an exam in terms of the cost and accessibility.

If you apply Faculty of Design

The hotel is just behind Nishitetsu Ohashi Station and it is a very good location, less than a 5-minute walk from Kyushu University Ohashi campus.
The first floor is a Pachinko parlor and it is along the private railway, but I think you can rest well because the inside of the hotel is quiet.
Since this is the only hotel near Ohashi Station, I recommend you to book a room as soon as you decide your schedule to stay.

Near a train station. It may be noisy around, but the hotel is perfectly soundproofed.

The price and the room are OK. Above all, it is very close to a station. However, the first floor is a Pachinko parlor. There are many Yakitori chicken skewer eateries and Izakaya taverns nearby; places where office workers likely to stop by on their way home. Please resist the temptation. It may seem fairly busy but the room was pretty quiet.

A hotel above a Pachinko parlor in front of Nishitetsu Ohashi Station

I chose the hotel because it was in front of the station and not unbearably noisy though it was situated above a Pachinko parlor. The room is spacious enough to sleep and the price is cheap. The hotel employees are nice and gave me some information as this was my first time in Fukuoka. Nearby, there is Ohashi Nishitetsu Meiten-gai, and I didn’t have a problem for dining and shopping.

It is close to Ohashi Station.

This hotel is nearby Ohashi Station and cheap.
The rooms are calm and modern. Some families may stay, but it is a business hotel and many guests are alone on a business trip, so I think you can quietly stay.

Near Ohashi Station

Ohashi Station is a big station along the Nishitetsu Line, but there are not many hotels as it is close and about a 10-minute train ride from Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka City, and is a residential area (student town).
However, I understand that you want to stay close to the university before the exam to avoid troubles and happenings as much as possible.
"Green Rich Hotel Nishitetsu Ohashi Station" in front of the Ohashi Station is recommend. You won’t get lost since it easy to see the sign from a platform of the station. When I stayed previously, the room was spacious and a bathroom and a toilet are separated.
The interior is simple and modern, and you feel the overall hotel including common areas such as the lobby is spacious,.
I think it is a good environment to study at the last minute before the exam.

A hotel in front of a station

1. It is in front of Nishitetsu Ohashi Station West Exit and very convenient. There are many restaurants around the station, so I think it is good to book without a meal. 2. There is the Kyushu University Ohashi campus in a 5-minute walk from the east exit, so you can take a look.

Some rooms have massage chairs.

It is in a convenient location, just 1-2 minute’ walk from a station. The rooms are spacious and some rooms even have massage chairs if you pay extra. I personally like its simple and calm interior. Since they also offer a breakfast plan, please eat well before the exam. Good luck!

It may be only here if near Ohashi Station.

It is right there in front of the station. The hotel is the opposite side of Kyushu University, but more convenient because it is closer to downtown where more restaurants and shops are.
I know you prefer a quiet hotel. . . however this is the only hotel near Ohashi Station. How about requesting "the most quiet room possible" at the time of booking?
Well, the last train of Nishitetsu is early and the hotel is apart from the rotary, so I believe it won’t be so noisy.
Good luck for your exam!

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel

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Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel


  • address
  • 2-2-43, TENJIN, CHUO-KU, FUKUOKA 810-0001, JAPAN
  • Transport Access
  • [Nearest Station]
    Directly connected to Nishitetsu Fukuoka Sta. and Tenjin Bus Center.
    5min. walk from Exit No.5 of Tenjin subway Sta.

    [From Hakata Station]
    5min. (2 stops) by subway to Tenjin.

    [From Fukuoka Airport]
    12min. (4 stops) by subway to Tenjin.

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A plan for students to stay in comfort

There are many convenience stores because it is in front of a station, and we can prepare you “pass an exam” box lunch (sandwiches) for 1,300 yen.
A humidifier and desk lamp are available for a guest.
We will give you an instruction to access to an exam venue.
You can check in without getting wet in the rain since it is close to a station.

Directly connected to Nishitetsu Tenjin Station

It is directly connected to Nishitetsu Tenjin Station, a starting station of Nishitetsu, so you can go to the hotel from the station without getting lost or wet even if it is raining.
Ohashi Station is the fourth stops from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station.
The hotel is higher grade among others in downtown and very quiet.
Good luck for your exam.