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Recommended pet friendly hotels in Osaka

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Recommended pet friendly hotels in Osaka

I'm taking my small dog to Osaka with me and looking for hotels where we can stay together, preferably near Umeda.

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Hotel Hillarys

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Hotel Hillarys


  • address
  • 3-4-10, Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka 556-0005, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • 10 min walk from Nanba stn. on subway Midosuji line / 7 min walk from Nipponbashi stn. on Kintetsu line or each subway line / 5 min walk from Nanba stn. on Nankai line

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With your pet

It's a hotel with convenient access to Umeda, about 10 minutes walk from Namba station. There's a pet hotel next to it so both you and your pet can be comfortable.

It's a great hotel

Nice to meet you, you can try Hotel Hillarys which may suit your needs. This facility allows pets and pet owners to stay together. All the staff were kind and friendly to pets too.

It's Namba.

As far as I'm aware, the only hotel which accepts staying together with pets in Osaka is Hotel Hillarys. It's a business hotel located in Namba.

Close to Namba station

You can't exactly stay together with your pet but there's a pet hotel nearby which can give accommodation for your dog. It's called Hotel Hillarys.

A hotel down south which accepts pets

Hotel Hillarys is in the south and you can get an underground train from Namba station and get to Umeda without any transfer which takes no more than 10 minutes.

A precious hotel

There are hardly any hotels in Osaka where you can stay with your pet. It's better to stay at a hotel while leaving your dog at a pet hotel nearby such as this hotel.

It's in Namba but

Try Hotel Hillarys which is more closer to Namba than Umeda. You can't stay with your pet but you can leave him at someone's care at the hotel.

A hotel near Namba which accepts pets

It's 5 minutes walk from Namba. It's a hotel close to Nihonbashi. The lobby has a stylish design and they also have a free drink service.

Hotel Stage

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Hotel Stage


  • address
  • 1-19-20, Kamo, Takaishi city, Osaka 592-0011, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • 30 min from Kansai International Airport / Conveniently located, 20 min from downtown business district

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Maybe here

I recommend Hotel Stage. It's 40 minutes and a bit from Shinosaka station. This hotel has a room where you and your pet can stay together. It's simple yet convenient.