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Accommodations around Hiraizumi with Onsen you can rent for yourself

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Accommodations around Hiraizumi with Onsen you can rent for yourself

If you fly, fly to the Yonago Airport or the Izumo Airport. The night-train, “Sunrise Izumo” is not the same as a conventional night train. It is very clean and has become popular among women recently. If you have enough time, it would be nice to extend your tip to visit the Izumo Shrine, the Matsue post-town and Yonago. The inn, Kasuien Minami is located in the center of the hot-spring town. So, it’s convenient for exploring the hot-spring town. There is the facility named “Tamatsukuri hot-spring yu-yu” nearby and every night the “Yasukibushi Show” is held. The fee is \500. The Adachi Museum has free shuttle-bus from the major airports, stations and hot-spring areas.

  • Iwate
  • Hot Springs
  • One night
  • 20,000 within yen

Osawa Onsen Sansuikaku

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Osawa Onsen Sansuikaku


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • 30 minutes by Rosen Bus to Shinnamari Onsen from JR Tohoku Main Line Hanamaki Station + a minute's walk from Osawa Onsen

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You can use a reserved bath.

It is a 30-minute-ride on a bus from the Hanamaki station. If you drive, the parking is free of charge. The rooms are Japanese-styled. The hot-spring has a huge window from which you can see the outside full of trees. You can use a reserved bath for free. If you are with your family, it’s very convenient. They have variety in the hot-spring, so it is just right for people who love a hot-spring. The evening meal is served in the room, so you can have it at your own pace.