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There are 6 Tokyo Disney Resort official hotels. Which one do you like best?

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There are 6 Tokyo Disney Resort official hotels. Which one do you like best?

I'd like to stay at a Tokyo Disney Resort official hotel. Which one do you recommend?

  • Chiba
  • Tokyo Disneyland

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

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Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel


  • address
  • 1-9, Maihama, Urayasu city, Chiba 279-0031, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • 1 min walk from Bayside station by monorail / 15 min by train from Tokyo station to Maihama station / 80 min from Narita Airport or 60 min from Haneda Airport via the convenient airport limousine bus

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speedy! The room is spacious and clean.

When we went to the Disney Land, we stayed at this hotel. We checked in and left our luggage at the reception of the Disney Land near the Maihama station. We went to the hotel, after enjoying ourselves at the Disney Land and we found our luggage was delivered. It was very helpful. The room was spacious and clean.

standard, but warm-hospitality

the room is spacious and we experienced the quality service a few times. The view is nice and you can spend your time in your room comfortably. The grilled food restaurant "Maihama" offers a gorgeous evening meal in the wonderful atmosphere. The receptionists are very polite and I was satisfied with their hospitality. Not to mention a family with children , adults can enjoy their stay at this hotel.

spacious and relaxing room

①The room and the bed are spacious and relaxing.
②The amenities are superb.
③The breakfast restaurant has an abundant western-styled menu.
④You can see the Disney Resort from your room.
⑤The entrance has a nice atmosphere.

the hotel just for a family

It is the official hotel of the Tokyo Disney Land. It is only a 1-minute-walk from the Bay-side station. There is a parking-site and they have a shuttle-bus from the Maiham station, so it is not a problem, even if you have to carry some heavy bags. There are many amusement facilities such as a garden pool in summer, the indoor-pool, mini-golf and the play-room which children can enjoy. Even when you don't go to the Disney Land, you can enjoy yourself at the hotel. The buffet-styled restaurant has a variety of foods. It is the Sheraton Hotel, so everything is what one would expect of a wonderful hotel.

They have a good response.

We won the ticket for a stay through the Rakuten. (internet shop) We stayed at the suite-room and we could see the Cinderella castle through the window of our room. Our children were pleased when they got on the Mickey Mouse-bus. There are many products for children in the shop in the hotel.

spacious, clean and relaxing

We decide to stay at this hotel after wondering for a long time, but it was a good choice. The room based with the white colour was spacious and clean. When you are lucky to stay in a corner room, you can see the whole building which has a wave shape from the balcony. It is the highlight of the stay in the room. The buffet-styled breakfast with substantial food was very good.

my favourite

This is the hotel where we had our wedding. The staff of the Sheraton give us first-class hospitality. The buffet is gorgeous. The inside of the hotel is also magnificent. The number of weddings and style of weddings is top-class, so if you go there at the week-end, you will come across a bride without fail.

I only use this hotel.

This is the oldest hotel among the Tokyo Disney Resort official hotels. I have used it since its opening. There are many points, such as the classy atmosphere, the tasty tea, the barbeque in the garden to recommend it, but the main reason is that we had our wedding here.


I visited this hotel a few times. The other official hotels may be great as well, but I always stay at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. It gives me a comfortable stay. Depending on your ideas, you may get a deal, so you should compare them.

my impression after staying

It was completely satisfactory. The reasons are: the Mickey Mouse appears in our dining-room, when we were having our evening meal, the contents of meals, the room full of the Disney Land atmosphere, the view from our room, the distance to the Disney Lan and above all my wife and children were very pleased.

a spacious bed

Compared to other hotels, the beds of the Sheraton Hotel are more spacious. Not only it is spacious, it is allowed to sleep with your children up to the age 17. We have many children in our family, so it is very handy. I don't know if my answer is adequate for the contributor, as I don't know whom you are with, but after staying at most official hotels, we repeated the visit to the Sheraton Hotel. If it is a Grand-room, you can have a separate toilet from the bathroom.


Don't mess about. This is the hotel for your family. The staff are extremely attentive. If it is summer, the garden pool is excellent. You can enjoy the Disney Resort relaxingly, using the "Oasis Pass". They have a big bathroom and the sauna.


Even though it is a standard room, it is spacious enough. Both view from the ocean-side-room and the Disney-side-room are good respectively. The hotel staff are very efficient and friendly.

Sheraton Grand Tokyo Bay Hotel is the best

The best point of this hotel is the tasty buffet-styled breakfast. As it is so delicious that you may want to eat all of it, but there is too much for that. You need to stay for 2-3 days and conquer your desire. Please try to use the restaurant name "Grand Café" .


It is close to the Disney Resort-line station. It is very convenient after spending a lot of time at the TDL. The room is spacious enough for the extra bed. I was satisfied by the breakfast with its taste and a variety.

good view, buffet-styled meal and Japanese cuisine are delicious

It is a huge hotel and you can get a good view from the higher floor. We stayed in a room named "Penguin" in the Ocean Dream. The room has 2 king size double-beds and a single-bed. We slept there comfortably.

The Japanese styled room is appreciated, when you have a little baby.

When your child is small, it would be better to stay in a Japanese-styled room, because you don't have to worry about him/her falling off the bed, or sitting on the floor. The rock hot-spring is allowed to be used for the guests in the Japanese-styled room only. The big hot-bath is the best to heal your fatigue. It is also good for the aged.

buffet-styled meal

The buffet-styled breakfast is great. The restaurant named "Grand Café" on the 1st floor has a variety of food and the plates are ready to use straight away. They have a children's menu as well.

Hilton Tokyo Bay

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Hilton Tokyo Bay


  • address
  • 1-8, Maihama, Urayasu city, Chiba 279-0031, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • Very close to Tokyo Disney Resort. 5 min drive from JR Maihama station on JR Keiyo line or Musashino line / 4 min drive from Bay Side station by Monorail from Resort Gateway station on Disney Resort line / We offer complimentary shuttle service from Bay Side station / You can take a bus from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, go through the Tokyo Disneyland and arrive our hotel / 15 min by taxi from Urayasu station on Subway Tozai line / If you come here by car, please use the Gulf Line of Metropolitan Expressway, and get off at Kasai lamp or Urayasu lamp

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a room on the sea-side

from the sea-side-room in the Hilton Bay Hotel, you can see the beautiful ocean on a fine day. You can have a substantial breakfast at the Hilton Hotel.

feel great

we stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel. The hotel is an official one, so the room was pretty and my niece was very excited. The room is called "Happy Magic Room" and there are many tricks in the room. Our children felt as if they were still in their dreams even after coming back from the Disney Land.


When we booked a room through a travel agency, we luckily had a room which we could upgrade for limited number of people. The room was attractive and the hotel was close to the bay station.

quality social status

From our room, we could see the night view of Tokyo. They had converted a triple twin into a twin room, so it was spacious. The evening meal which we were looking forward to was delicious. The dining-room was huge and quite a lot of families were therem but it was not too noisy.

This is the hotel for a family.

There are some rooms just for a family and they have the special services to please children. Of course the access to the Disney Land is very good. You can enjoy the Disney land all day long.

the hotel with warm hospitality

In every summer holiday, we visit this hotel. We always arrive earlier, but they soon prepare a room for us. If we ask, they accept our late check-out time. My most favourite part of this hotel is the breakfast in the spacious restaurant. The staff who are keeping an adequate distance from the guests are making our stay comfortable. The newly open convenience-store in the lobby is handy.

the 50th year since its opening in Japan

A meal is one of the pleasures of a trip and in most cases, lunches or evening meals are taken in the Disney land, but breakfasts are in the hotel. This hotel's breakfast has real credibility and taste, because it took part in the finals in the Breakfast Festival 2013.

the quality service, It is the 50th year since its opening.

You can have the quality service from the Hilton Hotel. In addition to that, it is the 50th year since its opening, so there are many deals. The Chinese restaurant is reasonable in price and delicious.

the convenience-store inside the hotel

I am a person who wants to enjoy myself in the Disney park until my heart's content, so I was delighted to find that the convenience-store was inside the hotel. It is very handy when you are hungry after coming back to the hotel from the Park or when you want to get some breakfast.

relax in a clean room

It should be a clean room, when you stay in. The Selebrio has the stylish rooms. After coming back from the Disney Resort, you can enjoy the room again. The bathroom with the lights and music will rest away your fatigue.

Everything is gorgeous.

We stayed at this hotel when we went to the Disney Land. I was overwhelmed by the flashy lobby. Their hospitality is wonderful. The meals are tasty. You may be intoxicated by the dramatic atmosphere. Not only the Disney Land but also this hotel use a magic. It is highly recommended.

in front of the station

It is convenient. There is a Disney fantasy which is selling the Disney goods inside the hotel. You can shop more relaxed there. There is a shop for Sheraton goods as well. The cookies and the sandwiches are great. You can see the fireworks at night. One minus point is the parking space. If your car is big, be careful.

the Hilton HH which is kind to the owners

I recommend the Hilton Tokyo Bay. Before booking it, register your name in HH owners. Even the lowest status, the blue member can use the spouse special, the advantage of the queue for the evening meal and the check-in for the owners only. The buffet-styled breakfast is delicious and there is a magic-room which will please children.

comfortable breakfast

The Disney Land Hotel is the best, but the second best Hilton Hotel is recommended. The breakfast in the dining-room with all the glass windows is special. The room sizes are all the same. You should decide about the hotel apart from the room size.

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo

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Sunroute Plaza Tokyo

meals & deco-room

I like the frontier-room or the cruising cabin-room in the deco-room which are not too childish. The meals at the Sun Route Hotel are more delicious than other official hotels. When you visit there again and again, the delicious meals are a huge attraction.

the nearest hotel to the Disney Land among the official hotels

You can walk to the Disney Land. You don't have to wait for the shuttle-bus when it is very crowded. (if you are tired, please use the shuttle –bus) The room is a bit small, but the reasonable price makes for it. (We spent most of our time in the Disney Resort.) You can shoose the bathroom with a bath-tub and the place for washing yourself. (It's better to take a bath to get rid of your fatigue rather than taking a shower.) The kiosk also have a variety of goods such as bread, cup-noodles or snacks. It's very convenient.

the most reasonable among the official hotels

Their services such as the delivery of your luggage, the purchase of the Disney Park ticket, the shop for the Disney goods are well organized. You can use the Resort-line as well.


The appearance of the hotel entrance is good. It is recommended for people who really want to stay at a cheap hotel. The room has a Disney atmosphere. The windows are shaped like Disney and they are fun. The facilities are not excellent, but the total atmosphere is good for the price.

the hotel charge is cheap

As the hotel charge is cheap, you need to book a room earlier. It will be fully booked very soon. I recommend the Japanese-styled buffet lunch and the evening meal. They have a shuttle-bus to and from the station. You can come back to the hotel for lunch and after having a nap, you can enjoy the night events in the Disney Resort.

cheap, but the service gets full marks!

This is the cheapest hotel among the official hotels, but there are no worries about their service. It is a walking distance to the Disney Land. The resort cruise is operating only from the Disney Land by the official hotel. (Other official hotels only offer the cruise from the Bayside station.) It is a very convenient official hotel, I think.

laying stress on the price.

Among the Tokyo Disney Resort official hotels, this is the cheapest. Having said that, as it is one of the official hotels, the service is sufficient. This is my favorite hotel.

the most convenient

We would definitely use the Sun Route Hotel. The access to the Disney Land is the best. They have the direct bus to the Disney Land. Our children want to take a resort-liner, but after playing until the closing time, they can't cope with walking to the resort-liner station. If we do this, one of our children will start falling sleep and the other one becomes bad tempered. And then we, parents get exhausted, the result will be awful. So, it is the best to take a bus to the front door of the hotel. The hotel charge is not costly. The new rooms are ready one after another. I love this hotel.


I stayed at this hotel, when we went to the Disney Land. We stayed here a few times, but its best point is the cheap cost. The staff are friendly and it is clean over all. We'd like to stay here again.

a bus

The bus with Mickey Mouse shaped windows transports you between the Tokyo Disney Land and the hotel free of charge. Among the official hotels, this hotel is reasonable.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

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Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel


  • address
  • 1-34, Maihama, Urayasu city, Chiba 279-0031, Japan
  • Transport Access
  • From Maihama station transfer to Disney Resort Line ( monorail ) and get off at Bayside station. From Bayside station, 2 - 4 min by bus or 8 min walk

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The round shape is the land mark of the hotel. The hotel has a stairwell from the 1st floor to the ceiling. The rooms are arranged along the round stairwell. The lift has a transparent door and windows. You can see a beautiful night view from the higher floor. The bathroom is circular and it has a motif of shells. The amenities have a foreign products. I visited three different official hotels, but this is the best.

the costless hotel

The round appearance of this hotel is characteristic. The round atrium of the entrance hall is a stairwell up to the 11th floor. It gives us an open feeling and ex excites us. The room has a spacious bathroom with a long bath-tub. You can comfort your tired legs after a long walk in the Disney Land. The prices is reasonable for an official hotel.

newly built

This is the newest hotel of the official hotels. All rooms have separate toilets which is good news for parents who have a small child. The hotel staff are polite and you can stay with a safe feeling.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort

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Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • JR Keiyo /Musashino Line, Maihama Stn.> Disneyland Resort Line, (monorail)> Bayside Stn.(5 min). Bus(3 min)/walk(4 min).

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cheap and a spacious room

I have the impression that the cheapest hotel among the official hotels is the Sun Route Hotel, but this hotel was the cheapest when I stayed. There is a stairwell in the centre of the hotel. The open feeling is superb. And the rooms are spacious. We could check-out by telephone from out room.