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Good Hotels near Kansai Airport the night before catching a flight

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Good Hotels near Kansai Airport the night before catching a flight

I'm going to take the plane at early morning from kansai Airport, so I'm looking for a hotel near the airport. Please let me know your recommended hotel.

  • Osaka
  • Kansai Airport
  • One night

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

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Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • [From/To Kansai International Airport]
    3 min. walk. (Directly connection to the Airport)

    [Nearest Station]
    1 min. walk from Kansai Airport Sta. on the both JR Line and the Nankai Dentetsu Line.

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The only hotel in the Kansai Airport

Location where you can check-in to walk from the airport, is ideal for before and after night of departure and arrival from Kansai International Airport. Convenience store in 1F is, 2F in there is a fast food restaurant, is also useful in without a meal plan. In addition, you can more enjoy if meal plan, high-class hotel.

Front of

This hotel is in front of the Kansai International Airport. I think I can say that there is in the other Kansai Airport or rather before the eyes. You can navigate through the airport and the hotel without having to use an umbrella without getting wet in the rain from the Kansai International Airport even on rainy days. Moreover, you can stay at all peace of mind, such as services face and the room because it is Hotel Nikko. Teppanyaki restaurants ginkgo is also recommended.

Invincible proximity

I think that hotel is still the strongest that are directly connected to the airport. Also there are some hotels in Rinku, but, it will still put on a little worry about the shuttle of time. So much trouble that if and Nikko in front of, I think the most relaxing.

Front of is the Kansai International Airport

There in front of the eye rather than the closest ... to Kansai International Airport is the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport. Near and is convenient is recommended since. Service in the hotel, at home, but I feel, I think you feel you do not Kola of the shoulder. Have a nice trip!

In the Kansai International Airport

It is the only hotel in the Kansai International Airport. Service may be Amenities also substantial. When with late there is a convenience store on the second floor is capable of shopping, such as a midnight snack. Breakfast is because they are eating from 5:30, it is a very convenient hotel. I suggest.

Access strongest

Again access over here you will not. I think that it is late at night or early morning departure from is about to previous nights, but you can effectively use the valuable pre-departure time. Because it is located price is absolutely your increase, but you can convince considering the buy of the neighboring hotel's shuttle bus time. Let's stay cheaply even a little in the early booking of the net.

If Maedomari probably here

Nearby there is a hotel there is a bus pick-up, but is this hotel is the best airport to walk again and think about the use of time. The room will feel that I wish something high because the normal equipment interior but I think I Given the premium airport directly. It is convenient because there is a convenience store at a time.

Kansai airport

If you are starting from Kansai Airport, Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, the, I recommend. Bridge connecting the Kansai International Airport, under the influence of rain and storm, it is of here or you may not be able to travel often hotel, located in the grounds of the Kansai International Airport, it is safe.

Hotel in Kansai International Airport site

It was very convenient near the airport. If you are directly connected it is good not wet in the rain. The staff also was good. Hotel room was able to spend comfortably have been clean even cleaning. Bed of air wave was a very pleasant comfortable sleep time.

Because we also not flap in early in the morning

It can sleep until the last minute because it is directly connected to the airport, you will sleep again twice in sleep feeling once on a plane. Or for the hotel of the basic high-class, the room has a quiet, clean, comfortable and well-equipped with facilities. Please check it so you can stay pretty cheap that's Sleep Over in Advance Purchase plan.

~ Because it is before the airport is of the eye than anything!

But is not it better to get up early, Tsu - not in time for the train of the plan I had a little overslept! It is the best that there is no thing Nante. Not troubled to access. It keeps the umbrella even if it rains! Widely is room in bonus, it can be expected Nante entranced watching the airplane taking off and landing at night when you successfully scene! (^^)!

Stress-free you will be thinking only of travel ♪

Such as that of the movement in the ‥ heavy suitcase Yara directions to the boarding procedure Yara Airport, without the need to use your head to Mendokusa ~ Ikoto! It requires you yo ~ in. After all, can go without being also depends on the weather to, we are able to confirm the directions to the airport temple stroll spare time to. It is recommended and can concentrate only on Arekore of fun itinerary that now begin.

Airport direct connection

Once there it stayed. Contact Bridge is one passes through the JR and Nankai of ticket preoral the terminal. I think we do not even 100m. Other hotel, You has been enhanced even fast food and restaurants, it is safe even if by some chance the train to stop delay.

Moriagare you journey mood from the previous day

It is the access excellent location which is directly connected in the walkway from the Kansai International Airport. Depending on the position of your room, overlooking the plane of arrival and departure, but Nashi mood swells that mistake of the trip from the day before. In addition, because it is full restaurants and shopping distance immediately go to facilities in the airport, do not be troubled in the diet.

Convenient hotel near Kansai International Airport.

The hotel is directly connected to Kansai International Airport, early departure and the morning from Kansai International Airport, is a convenient hotel is also in the room due to late arrival. LCC is the peace of mind even when the late arrival with a delay. The rooms are standard business hotel. Since the bed is also a large, you can slowly stay. The restaurant is fully stocked in buffet format. It there are various kinds taking salad one, the number of prepared foods is also abundant. Kansai International Airport near the location of, is a convenient hotel at an affordable price.

This hotel close to the airport

We stayed at when you use the Kansai Airport. It is absolutely recommended when it was Kanku use early in the morning. Location is amazing. The rooms are clean and clean and wide, also has been enhanced amenities. The more I think that truly Nikko Hotel, there is a sense of quality, is very accurate and helpful front desk as well. Also there is also a dining convenience store. Kansai International Airport is the better hotel is too good not to stay only at the time of use.

Hotels of peace of mind to be immersed from the previous day to travel mood

Given such convenience day morning of travel time, it will depend also on "Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport". Or when using the Kansai International Airport is across the connecting bridge, it feels like different fatigue Oita or not is just me ...? The rooms are made of bright and spacious, comfortably spend. Polite service also ◎. This hotel is a peace of mind to be immersed from the previous day to travel mood.

Station direct connection

Is directly connected to JR · Nankai Kansai Airport Station, it is about 10 minutes from the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Rinku outlet. There is also a convenience store, you can check-in even slow time. The room also has been enhanced also very clean and amenities. Restaurant of the Japanese in the hotel is so delicious recommended.

Kansai Airport Washington Hotel

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Kansai Airport Washington Hotel


  • address
  • Transport Access

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It has come out shuttle bus

Between Kansai airport and the hotel is very convenient and recommended If you before night because it has come out shuttle bus. Travel period, because it is okay to have stopped the car is safe. Rooms also relax so are substantial well facilities are also there is a feeling of cleanliness atmosphere. Also there can also steep shopping convenience store is good convenience.

Perhaps the most convenient to the airport

In one of the Washington Hotel Group, in the hotel, which opened at the same time as the Rinku Town, located from Rinku Town Station to the location of the convenient transportation of a 3-minute walk away. The surrounding area leisure spot is also rich, is recommended, such as Shikuru. Parking is also so you can use in two weeks free, it is also convenient to use in the car.

On close to Kansai International Airport, a relatively cheap also attractive price

There is just a place across the connecting bridge from Kansai Airport. Close to the Rinku Town Station of JR, pretty good also access from the railway. This as an attractive hotel, because the relatively there is a price convenience store is in the hotel on the cheap (Family Mart), really helps because the little shopping can be prior to travel. In addition, if booked in advance at the front desk at the time of accommodation, because the next day to can ride a free bus of Kansai Airport, is very useful when using the airplane, especially from Kansai Airport. On close to Kansai International Airport, a relatively cheap also attractive price

Hotels can stay comfortable close to the Kansai International Airport

Free because the shuttle bus will not come out to the Kansai International Airport you can comfortably move. Convenience store is very convenient because it is in the building are open 24 hours. Front Desk also can stay with confidence because we are firm. Since the room is also clean and comfortable to spend.

Only across connecting bridge at 1 Station, train to Kansai Airport.

Of course, also to the airport island there are hotels, but is prone to Do situation there is only kiosk that Ki Well Lawson thinks the shop many little shopping to be closed if Sugire o'clock special location is therefore eateries also less 22 that offshore airport inland 1 station when it was before starting it is something useful. When was the hotel that this introduction is close to Rinku Town Station. It is the next station in the Nankai · JR. 6 minutes is about 400 yen. However, your attention because the taxi is expensive and about 3500 yen for the connecting bridge tolls.

Business hotel with a profitable sense of Kansai International Airport

Even early in the morning in the vicinity of Kansai International Airport is recommended because there is a free shuttle bus to the airport. Rooms also I think whether it is possible to relax because it is spread than the other group hotels. Since go by train from Nankai Namba is okay even if late at night and a meal in the Namba.

Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport

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Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • [From Kansai International Airport]
    Approx. 5 min. on the Nankai Line.
    Approx. 5 min. on the JR Line.

    [From Osaka City]
    From Namba :
    Approx. 35 min. on the Nankai Line (Airport Express)
    30 min. on the Limited Express(Rapit -Apha)
    35 min. on the Limited Express(Rapit -Beta)
    From Tennoji :
    Approx. 40 min. on the JR Line.(Kansai Airport Rapid Service)
    By Car :
    Approx. 50 min. by car from anywhere within Osaka City.

    [From Shin-Osaka]
    Take Shuttle Bus to Kansai International Airport Sta. and transfer to JR Hanwa Line.

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Station direct conn

You can move without getting wet because it Ichieki destination station directly across the bridge from Kansai International Airport Station. It is also located on the front of a convenience store, it is convenient because there is also a restaurant on the opposite side of the station. Because we can go in about 10 minutes direct bus to the airport you can easily move with the luggage. Also a nice night view of Osaka Port is one of the recommended.

You can enjoy the airport and the harbor of the superb view from the room

Tower type of hotel is located in front of the Kansai International Airport. Rinku Town Aari in front of the station, is very convenient There is a free shuttle bus to the airport. The rooms are stylish and beautiful. Breakfast is a compromise between East and West buffet of hotel top floor 54 floor "Stargate", you can enjoy the delicious food and scenery.

Bellevue Garden Hotel Kansai International Airport

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Bellevue Garden Hotel Kansai International Airport


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • [Nearest Station]
    5 min. walk from Izumisano Sta.on the Nankai Line.

    [From Kansai International Airport]
    Approx.15 min. by free airport shuttle bus.(our service)
    Approx. 9 min. by train to Izumisano Sta. on the Nankai Line directly.

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If priority is given to the morning of access

Since that early flight in the morning, and close to the airport, because the luggage often often, hotels there is a pick-up is I think useful or. At the very fastest, so you wear to the airport in 45 minutes wearing at 6:30 departure, I think in time for the check-in of the early morning flights. The room also, it has enough is wide is secured to open the suitcase. However, the problem is access to the hotel. There is a little distance from the nearest station. It might be a bit much if there is a large luggage.

Transfer Yes

It is nice that there is a shuttle bus to the convenient Kansai International Airport in the early morning flights. It will arrive in 10 minutes position. From Izumisano Train Station is a hotel located in the place of about five minutes. Price is also not very high, is a beautiful and luxurious hotel in the split. Not try to compare the price on the net?

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

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Swissotel Nankai Osaka


  • address
  • 5-1-60, NAMBA, CHUO-KU, OSAKA 542-0076, JAPAN
  • Transport Access
  • Located above Namba Sta. 30-min. from USJ by bus. / 30-min. from Kansai International Airport by express train.

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Hotel is nice when it was just.

Access also excellent facility also excellent! The rooms are large and enjoyable travel widely, spacious, elegant, is a rich, such as the palace. It will be not to forget the usual busy time. It was chair fluffy. Of course, bed was able to sleep soundly. Because it is a center of Osaka meal was delicious.

Kanku Izumisano First Hotel

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Kanku Izumisano First Hotel


  • address
  • 3-4-18, UEMACHI, IZUMISANO, OSAKA 598-0007, JAPAN
  • Transport Access

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Station near

Only a few steps away from the Izumisano Station. It is a little narrow, such room, but I think that it was easy to use because the price is also an affordable. It is a short by train to the airport, reservation is three o'clock, but you need 7 8:00 9:00, there is also a free bus transfer to Kansai International Airport.