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A clean hotel near the Yamato Museum in Kure (with Washlet)

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A clean hotel near the Yamato Museum in Kure (with Washlet)

I want to go to the Yamato Museum with family( wife and two college students) on February or March. I am going to stay two nights.
I am looking for the clean inn with shower toilet(must). Budget per person per night is up to 20000 yen.

  • Family
  • Hiroshima
  • February
  • Two nights
  • 20,000 within yen

Kure Hankyu Hotel

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Kure Hankyu Hotel


  • address
  • 1-1-1, CHUO, KURE-SHI, HIROSHIMA, 737-0051, JAPAN
  • Transport Access
  • 1 mine walk from JR Kure St.. 10 min walk from the Kure harbor.

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JR Kure Station and get off at 1 minute walk

Is one of the leading hotels of the Kure, JR Kure Station and get off at 1 minute walk, good location of about a 7-minute walk from the Kure Port. "Yamato Museum" and "Whale Museum of iron" walk about 5 minutes. Business, of course, historical explore and Kiyomori legendary naval port, is the best base for location tour of movie drama.

Location is a good hotel

It is a very good hotel location in front station of Wu. Very facilities good, the room was also able to spend a very comfortable hotel life in the bath is also widely. Bathing is also a beautiful, it is also equipped with toilet of washlet. Yamato Museum is also located in the place of about five minutes' walk. Breakfast even for an there is a thing of the local, it was very delicious have been very ingenuity. There is a sense of security in the fact that the Hankyu group hotel. I think that it is recommended for Wu tourism.

It is perfect for conditions

The rooms are bright and clean with a spread, it is washlet conditioning. . Amenities is also a problem Mu. From the hotel from Kure Station to 1 minute and access well Yamato Museum walk will take you a 5-minute walk. Breakfast is many delicious types in Viking. It is easy when you use the Yamato Museum admission ticket with a plan.

Clayton Bay Hotel

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Clayton Bay Hotel


  • address
  • Transport Access
  • [Nearest Station]
    Approx. 5min. by Free Shuttle Bus from Kure Sta. to the Hotel. (Details: See the Miscellaneous below)

    [From Hiroshima Station]
    Approx. 35min. by Akiji Liner (Rapid Train) on the JR Line to Kure Sta.

    [From Hiroshima Airport]
    Take bus to Hiroshima Sta, transfer to JR Line and then get off at Kure Sta.

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Clean hotels from Kure go by shuttle bus

Walk to the Yamato Museum Hotel is the location of about 20 minutes. Shuttle bus from Kure Station will not be troubled because you have a regular operation. Since there is a wide and slowly relaxing the room I think spend comfortable. Bus bidet also put in a bath slowly so we divided each to there is also a toilet. In the case of non smoking I think that can stay in peace and be confirmed in advance.

High-class hotel in Bayside.

This hotel is located in Kure of Seaside, have access bus from Hiroshima Airport and the nearest of Kure Station, it is convenient Nasaru use. The room is bright and clean, elegant Western-style, from the window of the room overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. The rooms are very large in proportion of the price. Restaurant also has Japanese and Western rich, is recommended because it does not get tired of looking at nights. Pizza will also eat things kiln baked. There is also such as bedrock bath and spa services, also has been enhanced services.